Guest Review: The Little Prince

My journey with the little prince started on 29th April 2013 when my mom gave this book to me. At first, I thought that the book is very boring but when I reached the third and fourth chapters I thought the book was very interesting. At one time I was on chapter 17 and I got so very interested that I read till chapter 25 but then I slept.

I liked many things about this book like the little prince, the huge baobabs and even the cover of the book. But I did not like the pictures too much, because they were not expressing anything and – in all the pictures, except the baobabs picture – there was a man standing or sitting.

I was fascinated to see the baobabs. As explained in the book, they are enormous trees/weeds that could cover a whole planet. They were like gigantic castles. Even if we were to take ‘a herd of elephants with us they would not be able to eat one single baobab.’ They were type of purplish green in colour. They can never be there in real life, but you never know.

The little prince is the main character of the story. He travelled from planet to planet to find friends. First, he found some roses. He asked the roses, “Where are the humans?” The roses replied: “They are everywhere, all around you.” Then he met a fox. The fox asked the little prince to tame him. The little prince tamed the fox and they became very good friends. Then he met a snake in a desert. The snake guided the little prince to the humans. The little prince met a human and told him how he found him.

My journey with the little prince was memorable.

The Little Prince
By Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Reviewed by: Nandini Narula, Delhi
Age: 11

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