Guest Review: Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl is a criminal mastermind. He is the 12-year-old son of a billionaire and the story is about how he kidnaps Holly Short a LEP (Lower Elements Police) captain belonging to an extremely hi-tech race of underground fairies to get money and then look for his father who has disappeared.

The ransom? One metric ton of 24-carat gold – a metal that the fairy world has in abundance. But even though the fairies have a lot of gold, it was difficult for them to give it away. Many rescue attempts are made but the fairies are unsuccessful as they come up against Artemis’s highly intelligent mind and his bodyguard, a man-mountain called Butler.

Finally, the LEP decide to give the gold but they have a trick up their sleeve. They decide that after giving the gold and retrieving Captain Short, they will bio-bomb Artemis’s house and wipe out any living tissue in it. But Artemis turns out to be smarter.

After agreeing to take only half the gold, he releases Short but drugs himself and his friends so that they become unconscious. Can he get away with it?

This is very exciting and interesting book and the first in the series of Artemis Fowl’s adventures – or misadventures as the author calls it. I could not stop reading it and kept going back to it with every free second I had.

I recommend this book to readers who are interested in crime fiction.

Artemis Fowl
By Eoin Colfer

Reviewed by:
Ishaan Varshney, Delhi
Age: 12


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